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InterCom GSM Kit Emergency - GSM emergency call, with GPRS, SMS and voice calls

ASC Global
270€ + VAT ( 343€ )
Availability: In stock
Expected delivery: June 25, 2024

GSM intercom module, emergency version

  • Intercom GSM with metal push button, microphone, speaker
  • With customizable inscription (fire, help, etc.)
  • 2 relay output which can be controlled by DTMF codes during call
  • Free gate opener function from 1000 phone numbers
  • Power monitoring
  • Event log of 16.000 entries, continuous GSM signal strength monitoring
  • Night shift mode: a time interval can be set when the module will not forward incoming calls
  • Programming by SMS, PC and android
Manufacturer's warranty
Manufacturer's warranty
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Fast delivery
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Technical support
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More than 10 years of experience
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Continuous development
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270€ + VAT ( 343€ )


Introducing the InterCom GSM Kit Emergency – a one-of-a-kind communication solution with a vivid red exterior and the bold "FIRE" label. The wall-mounted unit is specifically designed for easy recognition during emergencies, with its striking appearance symbolizing urgency and danger. Currently, the unit is available in red with the "Fire" label, but customization options for colour and label are readily available as well. Experience peace of mind knowing you have a reliable and visually distinctive emergency communication system at your disposal.

Eight phone numbers

Get immediate assistance with InterCom GSM Kit Emergency - it can notify up to 8 phone numbers of your choosing with customizable ring and conversation times. Plus, you can even include authorities' phone numbers for added security! Just press the button, and the calls will be made in a round-robin fashion until someone answers.

SMS sending

Send SMS notifications easily with just a button press! Input your desired message and choose who among the eight specified phone numbers will receive it. Set your preference for sending an SMS, calling, or both. 

GPRS transmission

You can also set a monitoring station notification by pressing the push button. Streamline your GPRS feed and take remote monitoring to the next level. Set up push button notifications with customer details, events, and zones, and choose between SIA DC and Enigma protocols for seamless integration. Trust us to ensure your transmissions are secure and reliable.

Notification order

We can specify the above-mentioned notification types by pressing the button. If we set them all, they will be implemented in the following order:

  • GPRS transmission for the monitoring station
  • Sending SMS to specified phone numbers (max. eight phone numbers)
  • call initiation to selected phone numbers (max. eight phone numbers)

If both SMS sending and calling are set for a phone number, it can be advantageous that the person in question will be informed of the event before receiving the call.

24/7 operation, LED lighting

Keep your InterCom GSM Kit Emergency up and running with the option to connect a ProBattery for continuous operation, even during power interruptions. The GSM module can send SMS and voice message alerts during these events. Plus, with the battery, the LED lighting will also stay on, making locating the unit in the dark easier. Choose between white or red LED colours and enjoy the illumination of the label and push the button from the top of the box.

Internal microphone and speaker

Adjust the volume of your device's internal microphone and speaker to match the surrounding noise level. Easily tweak the sensitivity for optimal listening experiences.

Sending a life test

With the life test function, you can specify the interval at which the InterCom GSM Kit Emergency should send SMS notifications, thanks to which we can ensure the device is working. If a data SIM card is used, sending a GPRS life sign for remote monitoring is possible, so we get a continuously monitored device.


After receiving the call, you can also control two relay outputs. We can handle the outputs separately with our phone. The output can be controlled from unlimited phone numbers without phone number identification and from 1000 phone numbers with phone number identification. The output control method (bi- or monostable) and time can be specified for each output.

Installation and programming

Straightforward and speedy device installation made possible! Even programming can be taken care of before on-site installation. The plastic box's inner surface features groove ideal for secure fastening and connecting power and antenna cables. Crucial tip: ensure the antenna is placed outside the box to guarantee correct field strength.

For programming, opt for our recommended USB Eco or USB kit, or select our WiFi/Bluetooth Programmer for a wireless connection. Our free ProRead program (PC) can be downloaded from our website, allowing equipment programming and event log analysis. With a 16000 event log, you can easily verify time-stamped outgoing calls and remote supervision transfers.

InterCom GSM setting

Application areas:

  • Wireless intercom
  • Control: gate, barrier, and garage door opening
  • Monitoring power supply (230V) along with sending notifications about its change
  • Lift caller

InterCom GSM accessories

Product features

Inputs (+ expander): 5
Relayed Outputs (+ expander): 2
Relayed output load: max. 20V@500mA
OC outputs (+ expander):
OC output load:
User phone numbers for sending notifications: 8
User phone numbers for output control: Unlimited / 1000 phone number
Independent signal sending to monitoring center:

User phone numbers for forwarding incoming SMSs:

Transmission channel: GSM/GPRS
Caller identification:
Alarm center function (arm/disarm, entry/exit delay)
Selectable 24h zones:
Adjustable input sensitivity:
Configurable inputs (NO/NC):
Independent SMS sending to user phone numbers with customized text:
Monitoring station phone numbers: 2
Periodic test report sending:

Sending recorded voice messages to user phone numbers:

Sending alarm to user phone number with a siren sound:
Inbuilt internal clock:
Event list/number of stored events: 16 000
GSM signal strength monitoring and logging hourly

Translation Contact ID codes into SMS along with sending it to user phone numbers (Distinguishing 250 events and 250 zones)

Configurable own Contact ID codes:
Telephone line simulation:
PSTN phone line monitoring:

Output activation with free GSM call:

Security SMS password:
Programming software(PC, Android):
Programming method: USB / SMS / Bluetooth / WIFI
Battery connection options:
Power drain (standby/transmitting over GSM): 40mA + external unit current consumption / 400mA + external unit consumption
Simulated line/transmitting over GSM:
Power voltage: 9-24 VDC


Power voltage 9-24 VDC
Standby power drain 40 mA + external unit current consumption
Maximum power drain 400 mA + external unit current consumption
Relay output load max. 20V / 500 mA
GSM module type SIMCOM 900
GSM frequencies GSM 850 / EGSM 900 / DCS 1800 / PCS 1900 (Multi-Band)
SIM card usage brand-free GSM module
GSM antenna type SMA connector
Size 78 x 51 x 20 mm, in package:132 x 128 x 32 mm
Operating temperature -20°C – +50°C

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