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Monitoring station receivers

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1,935€ + VAT (2,457€)

ENIGMA II - monitoring receiver can be expanded with 8 (LC2 or IP2) cards

Digital receiver (basic device) without line cards

The Enigma II monitoring receiver provides a complex and reliable solution for building a modern monitoring station. The device can receive signals from alarm control panels through an IP network or telephone line. Due to its universal operation, the device can receive all standard (and most non-standard) signals from alarm control panels and communicators. In combination with AlarmCommander PC-based monitoring software, it guarantees not only reliable signal transmission but also an easy-to-use operator interface.

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580€ + VAT (737€)

Enigma II IP2 card - IP card to expand the Enigma II receiver

IP card for Enigma II receiver

The Enigma II receiver has 8 slots to connect IP Ethernet-based receiver cards. IP cards can work in standalone mode, they control individually the incoming events through Ethernet line. Then they forward the events to central processing unit of main receiver through internal receiver bus. By means of IP cards give an extended range of IP receiving functions (compared to CPM cards in the base receiver unit). Additionally it provides possibility to connect the system to a secondary Internet provider.

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580€ + VAT (737€)

ENIGMA II LC2 Line card - To expand the Enigma II receiver

Telephone line card

  • Line Card for PSTN network
  • (PSTN) pulse 10-40 bps, receiving DTMF, SIA FSK formats
  • Caller identification
  • 2 way audio
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714€ + VAT (907€)

Enigma IP2 - IP based remote monitoring receiver

Monitoring receiver

The Enigma IP2 monitoring receiver is an ideal and cost-effective solution for building up a monitoring station, where transmission is sent only through IP / GPRS channel. The device has a compact size and excellent parameter setting possibilities. The incoming IP communication might be monitored according to client accounts. It provides a prominent protection level for reliable and secure operations. The card version device can be built into the Enigma II base unit. With a combination of AlarmCommander PC-based monitoring software, it guarantees not only reliable signal transmission, but also easy to use operator interface.