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Our Cloud services: ASCloudManager

Our Cloud services: ASCloudManager
CloudManager has several benefits that make installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting easier and more cost-effective.

Program remotely

You can easily read, modify, and then upload module settings via the cloud interface. The structure and appearance of the renewed cloud have become more attractive and easier to manage for professionals than the ProRead software.
You can see all module settings on one page, put together in the way you’re used to; customizable phone numbers, inputs, outputs, notifications, and more. You can save your settings at the bottom of the page, upload them within seconds and use the GSM module immediately.

Query Event Log

The event log is available in the Cloud, this allows you to easily query module-related events, change inputs, control outputs, and more.
Save time with our new function – whether you need the full event log (up to 16,000), you can stop or restart reading it according to your needs. You can export the information to a CSV file with a single click. If needed, you can log and save data regarding who opened the gate, or how often the module was used in a certain period.

Already installed GSM modules also can be controlled remotely from the Cloud once a WiFi / Bluetooth Programmer extension module is attached and you are connected to a WiFi network
After logging in to your account, select the GSM module in question and you can start reading all necessary data with one click.

Manage controlling phone numbers

It is possible to see and modify controlling phone numbers or even set a timed authorization for them. You can specify the authorization of a given phone number by date and time and specify that how long is the access given to each phone number. All of these settings are handled automatically by the system, updating the device every night so you can use your settings from the next day.

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