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Set up your ProCon GSM Cloud with Proread

24/03/2021 01:13:59 PM
Set up your ProCon GSM Cloud with Proread

The benefit of the ProCon GSM Cloud is, that it is easily accessible from the Cloud, therefore the settings can be changed remotely. We can create shortcuts, so besides text messages and calls, we can also use icons to control the outputs.

Until now, we needed a WiFi/Bt Programmer to connect the ProCon GSM to the Cloud via WiFi; the ProCon GSM Cloud connects directly to the internet using a data SIM.

If you would like to program the ProCon GSM Cloud with the ProRead software, now you only have to follow these steps below:

Opening ProRead, select Internet as the type of connection

Fill out all login details and select the module in the pop-up window:

Click on Entry to log in and you will find yourself on the Home screen that you are already familiar with.

Click on Read to read all current settings from the module.

Click here to download ProRead >>

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