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EasyLine GSM - 48/72 V line simulator with 1 input and 1 output

ASC Global
131€ + VAT ( 167€ )
Availability: In stock
Expected delivery: August 18, 2022

Miniature phone (PSTN) simulator (6 x 4 cm)

EasyLine GSM provides a full (48V) line to the control panel via the TIP / RING connection, through which the control panel can signal the monitoring station to the receiver via a voice call or even send the control panel voice message to the end-user. Thanks to the OC output, we can control the output with the phone numbers saved on the SIM card, with which we can arm or even disarm the control panel. Suitable for replacing a landline telephone line, also at a call center or elevator call.

  • TIP/RING connection to PSTN line simulation
  • 1 SMS contact input
  • 1 OC output
  • SMS forwarding
  • Contact ID, 4/2 protocol
  • Programming by SMS or phone (DTMF)
  • Output control by saved numbers on the SIM card
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131€ + VAT ( 167€ )


The EasyLine GSM simulates an analog telephone line (PSTN) along with forwarding voice messages from the alarm center to the monitoring receiver through the GSM network.

Plug & Play: the GSM line simulator can be used without programming.

The GSM line simulator can forward the most widely used protocols (Contact ID, 4/2, or SIA FSK). It transmits the codes generated by the alarm center in the form of a voice call on the simulated line through the GSM network.

Programming is possible by SMS commands from any number by using security code. The GSM line simulator can be programmed by using a landline phone connected to the TIP/RING connector.

By default, input is close (NC), which will send a notification to a predefined telephone number if there is a rupture.

It is equipped with one OC output, which can be controlled by free call with caller identification with 250/500 user phone number depending on the type of the SIM card. 

Application areas:

  • Simulated line instead of the analog phone line
  • GSM Line simulator for alarm centers
  • Control: arming/disarming alarm center
  • Providing GSM line at telephone centers

Product features

Inputs (+ expander): 1 (NO)
Relayed Outputs (+ expander):
Relayed output load:
OC outputs (+ expander):
OC output load: max. 30V@400mA
User phone numbers for sending notification: 1
User phone numbers for output control: Unlimited or 250/500 phone number
Independent signal sending to monitoring center:

User phone numbers for forwarding incoming SMSs:

Transmission channel: GSM/GPRS
Caller identification:
Alarm center function (arm/disarm, entry/exit delay)
Selectable 24h zones:
Adjustable input sensitivity:
Configurable inputs (NO/NC):
Independent SMS sending to user phone numbers with customized text:
Monitoring station phone numbers:
Periodic test report sending:

Sending recorded voice message to user phone numbers:

Sending alarm to user phone number with siren sound:
Inbuilt internal clock:
Event list / number of stored events:
GSM siognal strength monitoring and logging hourly

Translation Contact ID codes into SMS along with sending it to user phone numbers (Distinguishing 250 events and 250 zones)

Configurable own Contact ID codes:
Telephone line simulation:
PSTN phone line monitoring:

Output activation with free GSM call:

Security SMS password:
Programming software(PC, Android):
Programming method: SMS / DTMF
Battery connection options:
Power drain (standby/transmitting over GSM): 30mA/700mA
Simulated line/transmitting over GSM:
Power voltage: 9-20 VDC


Power voltage 9-20 VDC
Standby power drain 80 mA
Maximum power drain 1000 mA
Open Collector output load max. 30V/300 mA mA
GSM module type SIMCOM 900
GSM frequency GSM 850 / EGSM 900 / DCS 1800 / PC 1900 (Multi-Band)
SIM card usage brand free GSM module
GSM antenna type SMA connector (comes with package)
Dimensions 62 x 42 x 16 mm, packed:132 x 128 x 32 mm
Operation temperature -20°C – +50°C

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