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Using the ENICOM Tool software, you can set up, program and test the operation of EniCom 4G and EniCom 4G PRO communicators. It is recommended for property and fire protection devices where the signal transmission to the remote monitoring center (TFK) must be solved by providing a redundant transmission path. The main transmission direction is the Ethernet network; the mobile network (GPRS, LTE, optionally Wi-Fi) can be used as a backup. In all cases, communication takes place using a standard IP-based protocol.

With the help of the EniCom Tool software, communicators can send messages to remote monitoring receiver(s) via Ethernet, Wi-Fi (EniCom Pro) or mobile Internet. Four independent communication paths can be defined, each with 8 communication channels, to which any four servers can be assigned on different media (Ethernet, Wi-Fi or GPRS/LTE).

The supported operating system is Windows O/S (from Win 10. 32/64 bit).
After successful installation, the software can be used immediately.

Download: ENICOM Tool

EniCom Tool