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Solar Fiber Pro - PV Solar anti-theft security system

ASC Global
824€ + VAT ( 1,047€ )
Availability: In stock
Expected delivery: July 23, 2024

Solar Fiber Pro optical fiber solar panel protection system

The system was developed to protect solar panels; we can specifically notify you 24 hours a day in case of theft or even moving the panels (loop breaking/bending). The optical fiber is connected directly to the controller, which detects the cutting of the fiber and its bending. The optical fiber must be physically cut or bent for the alarm, in weather conditions (wind, rain or snow), external influences will not trigger a false alarm. The plastic-insulated optical fiber is not affected by any electromagnetic noise. The Solar Fiber Pro system is a controller with a display where we can check the attenuation values of the system in operation. An optical fiber can be a maximum of 300m, but the distance can be increased by connecting several of the same types.
The theft alarm system consists of 3 parts:

  • The controller sends a light signal and checks its reception, generates an alarm if the cable is broken or bent
  • The plastic fiber optic cable (with UV filters, can be installed in direct sunlight) that transmits the light signal
  • Additional elements that fasten the optical fiber to the solar panels (threaded screws, fasteners)


  • A clearly visible screen for the information to be displayed
  • Optical output (RX)
  • Optical output (TX)
  • Alarm output (relay)
  • Alarm optical output (optional)
  • Tamper switch
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Manufacturer's warranty
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824€ + VAT ( 1,047€ )


General description

The anti-theft security system works as a loop: the plastic-insulated optical fiber is attached to the solar panels and strung together in a circle. The optical fiber is connected directly to a controller that detects the cutting or bending of the fiber. If a theft attempt interrupts the fiber or even breaks it, the current optical controller detects the interruption of the light signal, and refraction and triggers an alarm. The controller works perfectly between 0 and -30 dB optical power. (the attenuation is 25dB at 250 meters).

We can set the notifications separately for each loop using a single jumper, thereby distinguishing the signals with Solar Fiber Pro controllers. We can even enter individual messages with a connected GSM module.

Attenuation of the optical cable

Plastic optical fiber is a polymer material that allows light to pass through from the inside and is also suitable for transmitting a light signal. However as this signal propagates along the fiber, it gradually loses strength: this is called attenuation.
At every meter in the optical fiber, we have to account for attenuation (= optical power loss): the more optical fibers are placed, the greater the attenuation will be, thus the optical power at the end of the fiber will be lower.
Accessories related to installing the optical fiber (e.g. overstretched cable ties, tensioning screws, etc.) increase its attenuation.

Connection schemes

The Solar Fiber Pro system does not require unique settings. They can be installed in the following ways:

  • transmitter-receiver mode (transmitter+receiver): when the optical fiber is laid as a loop and returns to the same device. When the optical fiber breaks, the light stops, thus generating a signal.
  • transmitter (TX) or receiver (RX) mode: if the optical fiber is connected directly to another device (without a loop)
  • amplifier mode: when the optical fiber enters and exits the same device, which amplifies the signal for an additional 300 m (approx).

Alarm signal

All Solar Fiber Pro control panels have a normally closed (NC) electrical contact alarm output. The controllers can be connected in series, keeping their alarm zones separate or grouped. Alarm output data: 0.5 A/24 VAC, 0.5A/24 VDC


Device power supply We can provide the system with an optional external 12VDC power supply, which is optional
Current consumption 3.7V/2.8mA @ 0.01W (standby)
Operating range -20 - +50˚C
Input 1 tamper input a dry contact can be connected to it (e.g.:opening sensor, loop)
Number of alarm outputs 2 pcs, SOLAR1 and SOLAR2
Number of OC outputs 3 Load capacity max. with a voltage of 20V
Type of connectors MC4
Insulation protection IP65
Weights 0,48 kg
Module size 16,9 x 13,5 x 8,9 cm (length x width x depth)
Optional *
* Connectable battery type ProBattery 2000mAh (max 2pcs)