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Solar security system (PV Solar)

Solar security system (PV Solar)


One of the most dynamically developing industries today is renewable energy sources, including solar energy. The spread of solar panels has increased exponentially in recent years. Thanks to the areas of use, all versions can be found, from the very small (1-panel) island plant to the power plants running through the hills. The importance of using solar energy is increasing due to the constantly rising energy prices.

As a profitable investment, the solar panel system needs to operate as efficiently and for as long as possible, so we must pay attention to possible production outages. This can be caused by a malfunction, external influence, vandalism or even theft. Depending on the design of the solar panel system, we receive information about the state and amount of energy production and essential details of the operation. Still, the system does not monitor whether the solar panels have been stolen or damaged, whether the wires are continuous, and whether the PV panels are working correctly.


Depending on the size of the system (number of solar panels) and placement, the protection of solar panel systems typically means the protection of the area. If possible, we ensure the safety of the given place with a CCTV system, microwave or infrared sensors (barriers), fence protection, step detection, etc. (e.g., monitoring the theft of panels with opening sensors and an alarm centre).

Another option to protect the solar panel system is to protect the system itself (the solar panel) in addition to or instead of the area, using the „strings” for the „transportation” of the generated energy or the panels themselves in case of physical removal.

The advantage of protection by „strings” is that we can process the information received directly from the solar panels. This is the fastest way to get information so we can not get closer to the solar system.


During our developments, we kept two aspects in mind


Receive a notification if the solar panels do not produce electricity for some reason

Receive notification in case of vandalism and theft, both day and night, 24 hours a day

Solar Sentry product line


Thanks to Solar Sentry, we can receive notifications in case of theft or circuit break/short circuit, both day and night.

It monitors the voltage coming through the strings to indicate if the circuit is correct, but no voltage is coming from the solar cells.

Its installation is simple and fast because we can fit it into the solar circuit with the MC4 quick connectors. Through the outputs (5 types), we receive notifications about the system’s operation and the solar panels’ alarm.


Monitor 2 strings per Solar Sentry (it is possible to upgrade for more strings)
PV maximum open voltage: 500V@12A/string
48-hour warning of power outages
system status output
tamper input and output, tamper switch

We recommend: island systems, transmission towers,
holiday homes, approx. For 10-12 PV solar panel / string-sized systems

Solar Sentry 2 strings (2x500V)

Thanks to the relay and open collector outputs, we can receive (5 types of) notifications,
which can be connected to an alarm centre or an existing asset protection system.


Solar Sentry GSM 2 strings (2x500V)

The system, equipped with a GSM module, can send (5 types) of notifications to 8 users via SMS and voice messages per event. Sending a Contact ID message to remote monitoring in the form of a voice call and GPRS.

Solar Sentry 4G 2 strings (2x500V)

Compared to Solar Sentry GSM, the system equipped with a 4G module can send signals on both 3G and 4G networks. Therefore, always subscribe to the strongest network.

If you use the GSM or 4G module with a data card, you can find out about the status of your system from
the cloud or application. You can also set push and email notifications for events.

How about Solar Sentry?


  • Can be easily and quickly integrated into existing and new solar systems, thanks to the standard MC4 connectors
  • If the solar panels do not produce electricity for 48 hours, we can receive a notification so that we can eliminate the error as quickly as possible and reduce the loss resulting from the loss of production.
  • Day and night, Solar Sentry monitors that our solar panels have not been stolen and the strings have not been damaged and immediately notifies you if this is detected.
  • The solar cells charge the battery(s) in the Solar Sentry, so it is not necessary to provide an external power supply for the operation of the Solar Sentry (the Solar Sentry Pro requires an external power supply, the battery ensures uninterrupted operation.)
  • With Solar Sentry equipped with GSM and 4G modules, there is no need for an alarm centre or property protection equipment because the GSM / 4G modules have an alarm centre function and provide notification sending. In addition, it is also possible to send a periodic vital sign, which informs about the proper operation (sending life signs).
  • We can see the previous events from the 16000 event log of the GSM modules, which can be exported to a CSV file.
  • When using a data card, the status of GSM/4G-based systems can be viewed from the cloud and the application.
  • No false alarms due to movement: the protection of the system is ensured even if there is movement in the environment or the solar panels themselves move (follow the sun).
  • Can be easily connected to other systems thanks to the relay and open collector outputs.




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