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Solar Sentry Pro - 2 string (2x1500V) PV solar security system

ASC Global
486€ + VAT ( 617€ )
Availability: In stock
Expected delivery: June 03, 2024

PV Solar anti-theft security system

Solar Sentry was developed to protect solar panels, thanks to which we can receive notifications in case of theft or circuit break/short circuit both during the day and at night. It also monitors whether the voltage is coming through the strings, so it can indicate if the circuit is correct, but no voltage is coming from the solar cells.

  • 2 pcs SOLAR inputs (STRING)
  • Input max. 1500VDC/STRING
  • 2 pcs potential-free SOLAR circuit alarm outputs (SOLAR1 and SOLAR2)
  • Life sign output feedback - Open Collector (OC) output max. with 20V voltage (NO/NC)
  • Battery operation feedback - Open Collector (OC) output max. with 20V voltage (NO/NC)
  • Tamper output feedback - Open Collector (OC) output max. with 20V voltage (NO/NC)
  • 1 pcs tamper input (dry contact)
  • Assembled in an IP65 box with MC4 connectors
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Manufacturer's warranty
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486€ + VAT ( 617€ )



The Solar Sentry product was developed to protect solar panels. We can receive a notification in case of theft or circuit break/short circuit. The device's task is to notify if there is a short circuit or a break on the strings (max. two strings/device) during the day or at night. Solar Sentry also monitors whether the voltage is coming through the strings, so it can indicate if the circuit is correct but no voltage is coming from the solar cells. If the circuit of the solar panels is broken or short-circuited, a signal is generated at the RELAY output, which can be used to signal any device. It can be combined particularly well with our GSM/4G communication devices (ProCon GSM Cloud and ProCon 4G Cloud), in which case it is also possible to send SMS, voice message, Contact ID to the monitoring station, e-mail, and push messages. We can differentiate the signs and provide unique messages.

Communication channels of the device:

  • 1pc SOLAR1 alarm output, potential-free relay
  • 1pc SOLAR2 alarm output, potential-free relay
  • 3pcs open collector output max. with a voltage of 20V:
    • Life signal output (NC default position, NO in alarm)
    • Trouble output (48 hours monitoring and battery check, NO)
    • Tamper output (in case of a signal to the tamper input, NO)
  • 1pc Tamper input (dry contact can be connected to it. It can be an opening sensor or a loop.)

LED signals

The red LED (ACU_LED) next to the battery lights up, indicating that it is probably necessary to replace the internal battery. The system cannot report a bad battery if an external power supply is used. The LEDs at the terminals show the signals of the corresponding outputs, and the LED lights up when active.
ACT LED: Device status indicator flashes once during measurement.
SOLAR LED: If voltage is detected at any SOLAR input, the SOLAR LED turns on. If both SOLAR inputs are inactive, it turns off (voltage below 10V)

Device activation process

Connect the solar circuits. We always start the connection with the SOLAR1 circuit and only connect the SOLAR2 circuit if the string has already been connected to the SOLAR1 circuit (otherwise, the system will not work). At start-up, the SOLAR2 circuit remains switched off until the SOLAR2 circuit receives voltage. Only after this, the SOLAR2 circuit will be enabled automatically. So if the SOLAR2 circuit is not used, i.e. it will never receive voltage, then the SOLAR2 circuit will not be enabled (it will not be activated). The connectors of the unused SOLAR circuit must be short-circuited with a wire. This is also important to ensure IP65 protection.

Installations steps

1. Switch off / disconnect the SOLAR inverter (using the steps in the inverter description)
2. Turn off the DC de-energizer switch

3. Make the wiring for receiving the output signals
4. Cover the top of the box with the lid
5. Connect the solar panels to the device
WATCH OUT FOR HIGH DC VOLTAGE! Even though there is a DC power cut, the voltage can still come from the solar panels!
6. Connect the device to the inverter.
7. Switch on the inverter as user manuals described (usually DC on, then AC on)

Steps to open a box

1. Turning off the solar system.
2. Disconnecting PV- PV+ connectors
3. Disconnecting INV- INV+ connectors
4. Unscrewing and opening the box lid.

Checking the operation of the device

The optimal installation time of the device is in the afternoon before sunset, so we install and switch on the device before sunset to activate the SOLAR channels. You need incoming light. We wait for complete darkness, of course, for safety reasons, we switch off the solar system (on the DC and AC side) and then interrupt the solar circuit to be tested (we can do this for solar panels on the roof or pull it out of the device). The alarm output should be activated within 1 minute, and then it will return to normal status when reconnected. If you want to check the operation in the sun, the same procedure is followed, but with extra attention, all DC High-Voltage instructions are followed.


Device power supply We can provide the system with an optional external 12VDC power supply, which is optional
Current consumption 3.7V/2.8mA @ 0.01W (standby)
Operating range -20 - +50˚C
Input 1 tamper input a dry contact can be connected to it (e.g.:opening sensor, loop)
Number of alarm outputs 2 pcs, SOLAR1 and SOLAR2
Number of OC outputs 3 Load capacity max. with a voltage of 20V
Type of connectors MC4
Insulation protection IP65
Weights 0,48 kg
Module size 16,9 x 13,5 x 8,9 cm (length x width x depth)
Optional *
* Connectable battery type ProBattery 2000mAh (max 2pcs)

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