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The EniCom expansion: options and free App

EniCom 4G and EniCom 4G Pro have 4 inputs and 2 outputs. The inputs can be doubled, so we get eight inputs with the resistors.
But what if we need more than 8 inputs and/or outputs?

Easy...The EniCom EC-84 is the answer.

The EniCom EC-84 extension panel is the solution thanks to the 8 inputs and 4 outputs. Up to  8 EniCom EC-84s can be connected to one EniCom communicator... So, we get a maximum of 64 inputs and 32 outputs.

It is important to note that 2 of the 4 outputs on the EC-84 panel are relays with NO/NC outputs.

APP for EniCom products

The EniCom application is free and can be installed on Android and iOS platforms.

Advantages of the EniCom APP:

  • The Enicom can send us the notifications  with a unique voice and Push message
  • We can assign names to the notifications and zones 
  • we can control the output of the module
  • We can receive a notification about arming/disarming
  • We can also receive notifications about incoming signals from the extension panel 
  • As an admin, we can assign additional users to our communicator

Download the free APP for your Android device:


iPhone, maybe? Free APP, here it is:




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