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Two new useful functions in ProRead

04/10/2022 10:25:51 AM
Two new useful functions in ProRead
From September 2022, in the new ProRead program, we will see additional new setting options related to voice calls (you can access ProRead here).

Setting the duration between voice calls

If the "DTMF acknowledgment on call" function was set in the input settings, in this case, according to the number of call repetitions specified, the module will call the set phone number again until the connection is established and the call is acknowledged with the # key. Thanks to the new function, we can set the waiting time between calls in seconds. In the case of a circular call, you can set how long to wait before dialing the next circular call after dialing the specified numbers in case of a notification after the input signal.

The advantage of this function is that if the person to be notified does not hear the incoming voice call, he will not see 10 missed calls on his phone when he picks it up, but there is a good chance that he will detect the incoming voice call thanks to the pauses.

Voice message

In the module, it is possible to set individual voice messages, which are played by the module in case of an input signal, tamper, and power failure, to the 8 phone numbers to be notified. These voice messages are stored in the module's internal memory and played as voice messages after the call.

Thanks to the development of GSM networks, the need to switch from 2G or 3G to a 4G product appeared among several customers. Until now, we could easily save the settings to a PC and upload them to the new module to continue using them. From now on, we can easily save previously uploaded voice messages to a data file and upload them to another module. Another advantage of this function is that if you want to use the same sounds for several modules, copying is easy, even if modules are not installed at the same time. If the customer would like to expand his system, he can carry on the previously used voice messages and only the missing new ones need to be recorded and uploaded.

With the "Write ALL" and "Read ALL" buttons, we can save these recordings and copy them back, or we can just save them to our computer in case they are lost.

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