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Antennas for GSM modules

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6€ + VAT (8€)

SMA 90 - 90° GSM antenna

90° SMA antenna

If space is low and the signal strength is good, the 90 ° SMA antenna can help you position your GSM modules more easily.

Application area

Due to its size, it can be used in places where space is tight.

In stock
8€ + VAT (10€)

SMA Cable - SMA antenna extension 2,5m

Antenna extension cable

SMA antenna extension cable, in case you want to place our antenna farther away from the GSM module for better signal strength.

Application areas

We can use it at garages, lifts, and other places where we need to extend the antenna cable to be able to provide the appropriate GSM signal strength

In stock
16€ + VAT (21€)

SMA Grand 7 - 7dB gain magnetic base antenna with 2.5m cable

Magnet-sole antenna

7 dB gain magnetic base antenna in case the field strength is weak (1-2 flashes out of 5). Thanks to the 2,5-meter cable, it can be easily placed further away from the module.

Application areas

  • Due to the magnet-sole, it can be placed easily on metal surfaces
  • In the case of week GSM signal strength, it facilitates the communication of the GSM module
In stock
10€ + VAT (13€)

SMA Mini - Magnetic antenna with 3dB gain

Magnet sole antenna

3dB magnet sole antenna

Application areas

Due to the magnet sole, it can be fixed easily on metal surface

In stock
11€ + VAT (14€)

SMA Slim - 3dB flat, adhesive SMA antenna

Slim antena with adhesive surface

3dB slim antenna with adhesive surface

Application area

Due to it’s adhesive surface, we can fix it simply