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ProRead programming software for Windows

Download ProRead here >>

ProRead software can be used with the following products:

EasyCon GSM
ProCon GSM Cloud / ProCon 4G Cloud
InterCom GSM / InterCom 4G
ProLine GSM / 
ProLine 4G
EXP 8IO expander

ProRead requires one of the following programming adapters:

WiFi / Bluetooth Programmer

ProRead software is a free Windows-based program that allows you to set up and program products:

You can select the language you want to use in the starting window. The software is currently available in 11 languages. The software's recognition function automatically finds the related product. Under the Test menu item, the test mode allows you to get to know the software, its various functions and menu items before installation.

You can enter the client information for the master data. You can save the settings to a file to open them later. On the following pages, you will find a help window on the right showing options.

On the Phone Numbers page, you can enter the phone numbers to which you want to send an SMS and/or voice message in case of an "Input1" (incoming to first input) alarm. You can set the text of the SMS in the SMS text window. In the Input Type window, you can select the input operation mode input: 24-hour normal input; Central input: arming/disarming; Central delayed input: arming/disarming; Off / On (changes the device status).

The output can be single-state timed, i.e. monostable, or dual-state, i.e. bistable or controllable by arming/disarming. In the monostable state, the output is max. It can be timed to 65,000 seconds. For incoming (free) voice calls, the module can only identify the phone number for which caller ID is enabled.

You can set up SMS forwarding in the Other window, where you can enter the phone number to forward incoming messages. Select the expansion module type here and enter the delayed (entry and exit) times. By saving the output to memory, you can check to ensure that the device returns to its original, saved state in the event of a power failure. At the input sensitivity point, you can select the sensitivity of the incoming signal.

The remote monitoring notification works in parallel with sending the message and making the voice call. The system sends the Contact ID to the monitoring station first, then the SMS and the voice call. Changing the Contact ID codes (remote monitoring IDs) is possible if you want to send something other than the factory settings.

Under Show module status, you can easily read the device's current status. Furthermore, this function lets you easily check that the setting and communication between the module and the remote control are working (input, output, tamper, power supply, GSM signal strength, GSM communication, etc...) correctly.

Download ProRead here >>