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Device Uploader v1.52

Firmware update software for IP and GSM communicators: Download: Device Uploader v1.52

Supported products: IPCom, Com G, Com 4G, IPCom G, IPCom 4G.

The software is used to update the Firmware of IP and GSM communicators, it is available on the www.ascglobal.eu website. After connecting the device, we can choose a suitable FW (*.bot) file. The file's name also contains the current date. Based on the date, can be select the latest file.

E.g., C121 refers to the date in the file name ip_C121.bot, where:

  • C = year (C-2012, D-2013, E-2014, F-2015...)
  • 1 = month ("can be between 1" and "9" or "A" and "C", which means 1-9 and 10-12 months)
  • 21 = day

You must connect with a USB cable to update and, if necessary, use a programming adapter. The programming can be carried out step by step with an identified USB connection in the Windows "Device Manager". (Available in Hungarian and English languages.)

Download: Device Uploader v1.52