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PS230 power supply instead of AC/DC Panel

PS230 power supply instead of AC/DC Panel
We would like to inform you about a small, but in our opinion, important change, so that our customers remain satisfied in the future and avoid inconveniences.

Since 2011, we have manufactured and distributed the AC/DC Panel, which converted the 24VAC power supply to 12VDC. This product was mostly used for gates and barriers, but the turnover of this product has decreased so much in recent years that we do not see the point of starting new production. On the other hand, we find that our PS230 power supply is selling more and more, so we have also increased the initial lower stock to a larger quantity. Considering the location of installations, we think that 230V can be found everywhere. Thus, perhaps it is better from the point of view of the stable use of the GSM/WIFI/Bluetooth modules if the modules receive their power supply not from the gate controller, but directly from the 230V supply through the PS230 power supply unit.

In summary: if you need an external power supply to power the signal transmission /remote controller modules, choose the PS230 or the AC/DC Adapter. You will be satisfied with both products because they are completely reliable and ready to install. (just connect the wire).

AC/DC Adapter (for 230V socket)

If you want to power the GSM, GPRS, 4G, and IP modules from a 230V network, the AC / DC adapter is a simple solution that you just need to plug into the 230V socket.

Website: https://www.ascglobal.eu/products/accessories/power-supply/ac-dc-adapter

Power voltage 12V / 1000 mA
Input 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
Size 70 x 50 x 43 mm


PS230 (230V wired)

  • Constant voltage design
  • European AC input range
  • Protections: Short circuit / Over current
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • Isolation class II
  • Class 2 power unit
  • Fully encapsulated with IP67 level

Website: https://www.ascglobal.eu/products/accessories/power-supply/ps230-power-supply

Power voltage 12V / 1500 mA
Input 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
Size 129,5 x 25 x 21 mm
Temperature -30 to 70 ° C
Rated power 18W
Power supply type Voltage generator
Maximum load capacity 100%
Minimum required load 20%
IP protection IP67 Indoor
Design Plastic housing
Connector Stripped cable end
Warranty period 5 years
Weight 0.15kg